All round rational learning and development of our students is one of the key aims that we, at B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology & Management, remains driven to achieve. We firmly believe that to prep up our pupils to thrive and succeed in their business management endeavors in any environment, they need far more than mere theoretical knowledge. Along with quality education, they also need practical insights into the industry and hands-on experience of the working of the corporate world. They should be able to value individual views and have intellectual discipline and a sense of teamwork.

This is precisely what we, at BSAITM, wholesomely provide our MBA students with! With a research-oriented pool of talented faculties, we provide our students with a high level of corporate interaction through guest lectures, goal-oriented workshops, and innovative pedagogical methods. This enables our students to maintain their edge in the highly competitive environment of today. We follow the University designed curriculum, which offers dual specialization in 4 quadrants. The choice of specialization solely depends on the students’ interest.

Following are the four specializations offered by our institute:

Marketing Management – The course of Marketing teaches students about the activities like manufacturing, ascertaining goods and services, and formatting various marketing strategies.

Finance Management – The course of Finance introduces students to financial planning, economics, accounting, and other similar areas of operation in any business organization.

Human Resource Management – The manifesto of the human resource management course is to give the learners an insight into personnel and human resource acquisition, retention, maintenance, strategic planning, statutory compliances, and compensation and benefit management.

International Business – This specialization enables students to understand the topics like International commercial transactions, including private and governmental, International Business types, investment options, logistics and transportation, Multinational Banking FOREX, and various other financial components of the International market.

Apart from the university curriculum, this professional course emphasizes imbibing the students with the necessary soft skills like effective communication, creativity, teamwork, decision-making, corporate etiquette, etc. The institute has crafted a comprehensive ‘Student Transformation and Enhancement Program’ for the students to help achieve this purpose. 

OUR PEDAGOGY – We follow a contemporary pedagogy to provide the best exposure to the students. It comprises the following skill building activities:

Case Study – Case studies present a very effective way of gaining a practical insight into the theoretical concepts using real business situations. It is experiential inquiry-based learning technique that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context. Under this pedagogy, a full-fledged real business situation is given to students to evaluate and analyze the same and asked to conclude by giving their own verdict.

Debates – Our prime purpose of including Debates in our teaching pedagogy is to make students understand how to collect the facts and figures, confirm the authenticity of the same, and quote the right facts at the right place. Furthermore, students also learn to use the vocal pitch to make their debates more persuasive.

Quizzes – Quizzes are yet another powerful method used by us in our teaching pedagogy. This method has proven benefits in helping to fill the gaps in education. It makes teaching-learning more effective, and most importantly, helps improve the concentration and brain retention power of students. It also provides a base for advanced learning.

Group Discussion – Group discussion is mainly used in teaching pedagogy to develop and improve the process of exchange of information or ideas on face-to-face situations. It helps to gauge and improve the interpersonal communication skills, confidence in public speaking, team spirit, leadership abilities, social behavior, and problem-solving skills of students. But besides the above, we, in our pedagogy of teaching by Group Discussion method, also put emphasis on the mannerisms to act under various situations in GD, such as agreement leading to action, disagreement leading to competition or resolution, or perhaps, only clearing of air or continuation of status-quo.

Brainstorming Activities – Brainstorming is an informal approach to solve a problem by literal thinking. Brainstorming helps to know the people’s perception about the environment. It helps in making people creative. Therefore, it is a very powerful tool of teaching pedagogy, and we, at our institution, use this tool for facilitating two-way learning – First, to understand the perception of students on the basis of their leaning process and how creatively they are using the teaching in different environmental situations. Secondly, to bridge the gap between teaching and their understanding & creativity.

Role Plays – Role play is a technique to provide the real working experience to the students. By using this technique, we try to develop our students’ understanding about the organization structure & culture, the division of authority and responsibility in accordance with the structure, and how the intra and inter department structure of an organization can affect the decision making of one team/group/department under a routine and critical situation by assigning them different hierarchical ranks.